Tyrielle Nichols, 20

Welcome to my blog! A Public Relations and Spanish major going into my junior year here at South, I’m originally from New Orleans. My family moved to Pensacola, FL about 5 years ago and since it wasn’t very far away from home, I decided to come and give Mobile a try. I’m not a fan of the random rain and heat-but it’s not too shabby.

As far as blogging goes, my style of writing varies. However, I’m a lover of all things poetical–so you might see a hint of poetry every now and then in my posts (I can’t help it). Overall, I promise that boredom from bland writing techniques won’t send you to an early grave here-the homework just might though (the professor didn’t make any promises). Anyways, I hope you enjoy this at LEAST a little.

-P.S Hey Dr.Hossain 😀