This week’s module was about search engine optimization, or SEO. Google and Bing are the two most popular search engines. With the millions, maybe billions, of websites in the world, getting your website at the top of the search results list can be a daunting task. By optimizing your website, you can increase your chances of being at the top of the list.

What is SEO (Tips and Tricks)

The video “What is Search Engine Optimization/SEO,” several pointers are given on how to help a website designer/owner modify their website for SEO. The video tells us that words, titles, links, words in links, and reputation are all important in the process.

  • A web designer should use site specific words and have a title so that the search engine will recognize your site for the searchers purpose if applicable
  • Having links to and from other websites acts as a reference to your site
  • Keep fresh, engaging content on your site  to maintain reputation and your sight will be recommended more often, theoretically

Probably the most important aspects for any website is to keep it simple and easy to navigate, appealing to the eye, and updated content. I think that by doing this you are designing a user friendly site that will meet SEO criteria. For the purpose of my website, these are the best means of SEO that I will implement in the final revisions.