Domain Point of It All (Get it? no? Okay..)

Creating a name for your website is extremely important. The domain name that you decide on is a key factor in determining your site’s overall success. Your site’s domain has to be direct enough to relay the purpose of your website, and catchy enough to remember-so keep it short and simple.

Other tips include:

Simplicity at it’s best. If your domain name is simple and sweet, viewers won’t have a problem returning to your site

Catchy does the trick. Giving your site a catchy name will allow viewers to remember it better, it’ll stick in their minds and they’ll be more likely to use it in the future

More bang for your buck. Purchase your domain name. Actually, purchase different variations of your domain name–if viewers misspell it, they’ll still end up right where they need to be.

Creating a domain name can be relatively easy when you put your mind to it-with the right title for your website, you’re already headed in the right direction!