Lab Reflection:

In our last class we had a speaker visit us to discuss her work as a web designer for the University of South Alabama’s web page. After hearing her speak, I decided that web designing will not be my forte. The job requires extreme attention to detail and the whole process is meticulous.

Web Design Training

After viewing all the web design school options, I came to the conclusion that W3Schools would be the most useful format for a website design. The site allows you to test your HTML code to make sure you’re using it correctly. This feature is important because it enables us go back and check our work. While looking through the article, “Web design training: the top 22 online resources”, by Kerrie Hughes, many of the sites were a bit confusing. W3Schools is the one that stood out the most and that was easier to use.

CA260 Online

Honestly, even though it is a web design class, I don’t think I would be successful taking CA260 as an online class. There are concepts that I’m still unfamiliar with, and trying to learn difficult concepts from a computer only complicates matters. I’m not that type of learner, especially when it comes to entering codes. In my opinion, having the professor available to reiterate and help clarify what I learn is beneficial to my understanding and overall growth as a student.