wordpress-pluginsWord Press, For YOU!

After doing some research, including reading “3 open source content management systems compared” by Nitish Tiwari and probing through some of the sites in the resource tab, I’ve concluded that Word Press is the best content management system–especially for those small businesses who are planning to build a website.


Word Press comes packed with various features that put it at the top of the ‘must use’ list for website building. For starters, it’s interface is user friendly and easy to use. The website’s set up and navigation makes creating your own website so easy that even non-tech savvy people can use it successfully–it doesn’t take a team of experts! According to Tiwari’s article, Word Press has over 2,176 themes and 28,593 plugins on it’s official site. This is a part of what makes it easily customizable and upgradable–which pushes it further ahead in the game compared to other competitors. Furthermore, the site’s popularity has increased over recent years and its large community is a testament of how it excels over other CMS solutions.  With it’s easy to understand language and layout, Word Press IS the best CMS!