Recently, my student email account has been flooded with emails from social media and restaurants that make it difficult for me to find emails that are important. Using the method discussed on the Gmail Help site, I created a filter to delete all emails that included Facebook notifications to clear up some of the mess.

I searched ‘Facebook’ in the search bar–which was surprisingly linked to all of the other annoying emails that I had been receiving–and I selected the ‘More’ drop down options to create a filter to delete all of those messages. After I applied the filter, the messages were automatically deleted and I didn’t have to go to the archive to clear them from there

I would definitely continue to use this technique to filter my email and rid it of those annoying ads. It’s sad because, before reading this information, I had no idea how to do this and was experiencing a struggle period trying to manually delete everything unwanted :(. Overall, the process was fairly easy and it was surprising how many different ways were available for me to filter my email completely.

Professionalism in Emails

Dear Professor X,

My name is Tyrielle Nichols and I am in your TR 9:30-10:30 class. The board of Jaguar Productions is scheduled to leave for a leadership conference in Charleston, SC next Thursday. Unfortunately, I will have to leave class early to make it to the airport on time. If  it is okay with you, could you send an email with our upcoming assignments, or could we schedule a meeting to go over the material I missed? I look forward to hearing from you.