Easy Beginnings

School was cool. I’ve never really had a problem with academics–ever.  Actually, doing my average work would always get me at least a B. Simply trying allowed me to pass and to excel. The class room was my natural habitat and it was easy for me to thrive successfully–even with limited resources. Throughout my K-12 years, there were very few threats to my academic progress. There weren’t many distractions for me, especially since Mama didn’t play those games when it came to grades. Slacking just wasn’t an option if I wanted to live, so getting that high school diploma was easy-ish. Now college…College is a different ball game entirely. If you want to make it through, you have to fight. And if you don’t fight, you might not make it.

The Silent Killer

As a Jaguar, I’ve discovered that South is a jungle. You would think that being at the top of the food chain increases your chances of survival–think again. Even the best of the best know that if you start slacking, you won’t survive for very long. Our biggest threat as a student is the dreaded P word–procrastination. Everybody does it every once in a while, but we all pretend like procrastination isn’t a silent killer. Like a python, when procrastination bites nobody dies instantly. Death comes slowly. If you seek help, you can be cured. You can continue to survive and thrive in South’s jungle. But pretending like everything is okay and going on as if nothing happened, means inescapable death. The venom starts to take over your system–i.e studying, going to class, completing assignments, etc.–and resistance is futile. And when it’s too late, you realize that death is imminent. Classes? Failed. GPA? Dropped. And the terror continues…