screenshot-3What I’ve Learned

After watching the video, “How to Design a Killer Homepage”, I learned that in general, a homepage needs to be organized. This

screenshot-4means that it should  define the goal of the website to the audience, that is, what does this site offer. The web page should be scroll-able and divided into sections so scrolling is easier–because most people scroll through a webpage to see if they’re interested.  But most importantly, the homepage should be a table of contents representative of the whole site and it’s main sections. Interactive/Engagement media should also be included. However, most websites err because they include too many flashy graphics.

The Layout

The images above depict what my homepage looks like currently without any content because I’m still debating on which videos and information I want to include. However, the layout includes places for interactive and engagement media. So far, I included a tab on the page for Spoken Word which will feature media and videos of poetry from various artists covering various topics. The Bio page will include a biography about myself including when I started writing and performing spoken word. The photo page will include photos of artists and captions including their info.  The last tab is Contact/Business, which will include my contact information as well as a form that will allow individuals with questions, or booking inquiries to send me a message. My website’s main purpose is to increase awareness/interest of spoken word while shining a spotlight on local artists (like myself). The website is still under construction but I’m improving, and hopefully the process will run smoothly.