Creating a Website-With Ease


Weebly really does make setting up a website a breeze! The main feature that makes the outcome of using Weebly successful is the drag and drop feature. It’s design is almost like a “Web Design For Dummies”  because of how easy set-up goes. Using the site requires virtually no prior knowledge of web design when it comes to functionality–aesthetics are a totally different ball game. It was definitely designed for people who are not very tech savvy. Once you find your way around you are good to go.

Creating An Account

The only thing required to “get this party started” is your name, your email, and creating a password. The process was very quick and didn’t require much of a hassle. I feel a wee bit special because I thought web design was more difficult. Shout out to technology for allowing me to be great when I need to be!


The theme I chose for my site was albeit a simple one. It’s called Saucy and labeled as a business theme. I like the simplicity of it, but I feel as though I should do a little tweaking to give it more allure and depth.  I want it to pull the audience’s eyes to the screen. We’ll see how everything works out in the near future. As a nerd, I’m excited to see what I can do with this Weebly thingamajigger and hopefully my website comes out looking professional–unlike some of the things I’ve witnessed on the web. I’ve seen things…bad things.