Their Impact.

Words are powerful. However, most people don’t remember this until it’s already too late. Unlike clothes that don’t fit–words cannot be taken back or exchanged. They have no expiration date, and once you’ve released them into the atmosphere they can impact lives forever.  Seemingly harmless, words can build foundations that last for lifetimes or tear them down in seconds. They are weapons, wielded for the purposes of good or evil based on the intent of the person. Words can heal wounds or create them–make people or break them.

They Matter.

I believe that it’s extremely important that we think about what we’re going to say before we say it. Otherwise, the effects can be more than damaging to those around us. I try my best to remember this (especially when I’m in an angry) because, realize it or not, what we say to people actually sticks. Even if we didn’t mean to say something hurtful, or we were angry when we said it–what’s done is done.

The Challenge.

That being said, I challenge myself as well as you guys to think critically before you speak every day. Speak positively and make it a goal to encourage someone in some way at least once a day–even if it’s a simple, “You’ve got it.” Everyone has something that they must go through even if we don’t witness it with our own eyes. Everyday, we have the ability to speak positively–to shine light into somebody’s darkness and make their world just a little bit better. Words are powerful, choose them wisely.