Do’s and Don’ts: The Application Process

Do: “Be Relatable and Be Yourself”

One thing that stood out to me the most amongst the do’s was the advice to be relateable and original. I feel that if people were solely interested in reading bland information they would search for more scholarly sources. People seek out blogs because what they desire to know is presented in a way that is easier to comprehend–written by a person who they can relate to. Furthermore, an author’s ‘voice’ in writing is unique to his or her self. Having a distinct writing voice is what keeps readers interested in what you have to say, it also sets your blogs apart from everyone else’s. I can apply this information by writing my blogs to have the essence of ‘me’ that cannot be duplicated by anyone else, and by striving to establish a connection with the audience–so that what I say resonates with them.

Don’t: “Make Grammar Mistakes”

In everyday life, we are subconsciously judging and being judged by how we present ourselves. Likewise the credibility of our information is judged by how we present it. Simply put, it’s difficult to understand–or even believe–information that is presented poorly. I make it a point to reread my blogs (or any writing for that matter) to ensure that I haven’t made grammatical errors that would cause readers to question professionalism or credibility.

Career Field

The “don’t” centered around making grammar mistakes is directly related to my career field. Since one of my majors is Public Relations and I desire to be a PR Specialist, if any one of my press releases or articles included drastic grammatical errors, my expertise and professionalism would be in question. People would question my educational background because, let’s face it–society can be ruthless.

Make it Memorable!

It’s important to make whatever I post count. Each week I will strive to create posts with the perfect blend of originality and creativity that make them a joy for the audience to read–not just another dreaded assignment.